Monday, September 29, 2008

Remember when season one was cool? Well, for season three, we present...season one!

I'll admit that there is something appealing to the show "Heroes".  If nothing else, it takes a bunch of really overused comic book plot points and showcases some of the more sensational attributes to an audience larger than any single comic book can hope to entice.  I'm not its biggest fan (nor am I of any J.J. Abrams project...which makes me worried about "Star Trek"), but I can at least appreciate the fact that it's an original superhero property, and not just an adaptation of the latest Marvel or DC title.

I guess I wasn't alone in hating all that took place in the show's horribly-paced season two, as last week's season premier, in which we got the first two episodes of the new "chapter", pretty much decided to ignore everything that happened  after the first season ended.

As an outsider, I guess, as someone who has never really been all that drawn into the show (but why watch it then, Jeff?  What a good question!), I find it both a little funny and a little patronizing that they've decided to revive nearly every single plot point from season one.  It's like the producers are saying "hey!  Remember all that cool stuff that made you watch us in season one?'s just like that, but MORE!"

Funny stuff.  I guess the ratings for the premier weren't quite what the network was expecting, and that's surprising given how much hype the show has been getting.  I guess season two's Wonder-Twin-themed production put more people off than I realized.

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