Sunday, August 31, 2008


I just received a copy of Popgun vol. 1 from (along with the fourth season of Entourage and Weird Al's "Polka Party!") and I have to looks great.  There was so much hype surrounding the Image book - especially for an anthology - that I had to pick it up, and I'm glad I did.  Anthologies tend to be exciting in theory but sometimes disappointing in practice, but this one might break that trend.

One of the neat things about anthologies such as this is that you get to see styles that you wouldn't normally get to enjoy if you just picked up a monthly stack of Marvel and DC books.  There are so many great artists and writers out there that don't fit into the superhero niche, and that's a shame.  Another fun thing is getting to see a lot of up-and-coming creators...every once in a while I catch a name of someone I know.  It's a good place to scout talent, and I plan to do this, too, at least to some extent.  I'm looking for a colorist for one of our eight-page stories (Karin's still the regular colorist - I'm just getting a different look for this particular story), and I'll probably try to get in touch with one through their work on this book.  There's certainly a number of them to choose from.

Flipping through the book, I thought about submitting a Teddy and the Yeti story for a subsequent volume (the second just came out, and I think they're working on a third as I write this), but I doubt I'll do it - I want to keep the characters to their own book for a little while, and I don't want to heap more work on the rest of the creative team, as they're busy enough with this initial three-issue run.  But honestly, if Viper Comics decided to go ahead with another volume of the Josh Howard Presents: Sasquatch anthology, I'd probably break that rule.  It's just so...specific.

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